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Bernard Grant

Editing and consultancy for writers

Bernard Grant provides short- and long-form copy for a variety of media and channels as well as editorial feedback and publishing guidance for fiction and nonfiction writers.

Content writing and editing for brands

Inclusive short-form or long-form content, storytelling, and messaging, developing and updating inclusive brands.

Editing and Publishing guidance for writers:

Full manuscript consultations, proofreading, and publishing guidance for fiction and creative nonfiction writers, whether for newspapers, magazines, or book publishing.

“Bernard edits with you in mind. In their feedback, they balance careful attention to form with a sure grasp of your vision for the project. After working with them, you’ll have a clearer sense of what to do to achieve that vision.”

Emily Holt

Author of Though the Walls Are Lit

“Having worked with them in both capacities, I am impressed with Bernard as a writer and as an editor. Their prose has a unique sense of style, strong narrative, and insistent voice, and their editorial eye is keenly focused on helping others showcase craft and storytelling in their work. You’ll enjoy working with them!”

Lisa Romeo

Author of Starting with Goodbye: A Daughter's Memoir of Love after Loss

“Bernard is an insightful and generous reader. They provide the kind of feedback that inspires better writing, and their edits have improved more than one of my stories.”

Meagan Macvie

Author of Ocean in My Ears

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