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Bernard Grant

If you’re a business in need of quality content that will help you or your brand stand out, you’re in the right place.

Content is the substance of your brand, requiring both thoughtful roots and creative reach. Balancing a background as an award-winning storyteller with the rigour and precision of a tenacious researcher, I can help you stand out, break through, and connect.

My approach is tailored to the needs of your business, the demands of the context, and the values and interests of your audience.

Guided by your objectives, my writing and editing process carves a path to the most compelling and unique content for your purpose. The result? Stronger relationships between your brand and your audience.

Brand storytelling

Short and long form content

Strategic messaging

for a variety of media channels and formats

Quality content

For your blog, social media, newsletters and product pages

Informative storytelling

You want to find solutions. Storytelling can reveal them.

That’s the value of good writing: solving problems, breaking through competitive noise, and resonating with people who share your values. Quality content can even influence those with different values.

By telling the right stories, you can position yourself as an engaging expert on topics that matter to your audiences.

manuscript editing
manuscript editing

Strategic messaging

for a variety of media channels and formats

Well-crafted messaging can resonate across multiple media channels and formats, as long as your message is consistent and effective. My messaging strategies are tailored to each brand’s unique voice and goals, and can be adapted to any media channel or format.

From social media posts to press releases, I’ll craft content that speaks to your audience and drives results, no matter where your audience finds you.

My approach is data-driven and results-focused, so we’ll work together to understand your audience, messaging goals, and desired outcomes, and then I’ll create messaging that aligns with your objectives, whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, or generate leads.


Sample formats

Blog articles
Social media posts
Media kit content
In-depth guidebooks
Product pages

Sample topics

Higher education
Employment & Workplace inclusion
Neurodivergence and disability
Literary publishing

Price: typically around $.50 per word. (bespoke pricing on request)

manuscript editing
Bernard Grant

How to work with me

To find out more about working with me and to get a quote, please contact me using the form provided below, and tell me more about your needs.

Or alternatively you can direct message me on LinkedIn.

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