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Autism is a natural neurological variance. Autists are not disordered. We are justice-seeking neurodivergent people who view and experience the world autistically—logically, in systems, in details, and in our own space and time.











A Room Called Earth book cover
A Room Called Earth book cover
Book Cover of Somebody, Somewhere by Donna Williams
Book Cover of Somebody, Somewhere by Donna Williams
Book Cover of Somebody, Somewhere by Donna Williams
Book Cover of Somebody, Somewhere by Donna Williams
Book Cover of Somebody, Somewhere by Donna Williams
Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Miscellaneous Resources


Autism Personal Coach

Provides “Autistic adults and teens hard-to-find support to live self-sufficient and purpose-driven lives through our coaching and community events.”

You Feel Like Shit

Planning Across the Spectrum

Planning Across the Spectrum specializes “in helping any individual, family, or employer of those with autism and other disabilities to pursue financial independence. We are striving to enhance their quality of lives and their future.”

Facts about autism

Autism Spectrum Infographic
A short graphic about autism and employment by Yenn Purkis

Neurodiversity Media

The Resource Library is a professionally curated, evidence-based learning portal designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to unleash neurodivergent potential in the global workplace.

Become a free member to unlock our entire collection of stories and resources.


Learn from Autistics

Learn from Autistics publishes resources that teach “neurodiversity and environmental accommodations based on autistic input…we believe that autistic input should not be merely sought out as an afterthought or addition to NT advocacy efforts, but rather, that autistic expertise is essential and fundamental to understanding autism. Our website offers a variety of practical parenting and teaching resources with an emphasis on respecting the voice and dignity of the autistic person.”

Social Skills for Neurotypicals

Infographic of Autism Organizations, including autistic self-advocacy network and Autstic Women and nonbinary network.

The Art of Autism

Our Vision

To empower and connect individuals within the autism community through participation in the Arts.

Our Mission

To foster independence, self-esteem and artistic expression by participation in The Art of Autism Project.

We do this by:

Supporting artists, musicians and creative writers on the autism spectrum

Work With Becca!

“My focus as a Certified Autism and Cognitive Specialist is the inclusion, self-defined success, fulfillment, and quality of life of adults on the autism spectrum and other neurodiversities. Through a variety of mediums including public speaking presentations, neurodiversity consulting, and social media consulting, I offer options and insights into successfully living a self-defined, goal-oriented, fulfilling neurodivergent life.”

Neurodiversity Culture + Representation

“NOS Magazine is a news and commentary source for thought and analysis about neurodiversity culture and representation. Expect long form journalism, reviews of pop culture, and more. NOS stands for ‘Not Otherwise Specified,’ a tongue-in-cheek reference to when a condition does not strictly fit the diagnostic criteria, or is in some way out of the ordinary.”


Squarepeg is late-diagnosed autist Amy Richards’ podcast and blog. It’s a resource created to “help other autistic women find a sense of community, navigate diagnosis, find our true selves again afterwards, and imagine and create lives which fit around our autism, rather than being at odds with it. Lives in which we can be our true selves, without having to fit ourselves into boxes shaped by society’s expectations.”

AUsome Training

AUsome Autism Training

We will bring your understanding of autism to a whole new level…

Autism has been framed in a negative light since its inception. This is because most of the descriptions were created by people who are not Autistic themselves. Therefore much of what medical experts claim to know is based on assumptions. To address this inaccurate portrayal of Autistic people AUsome Autism Training was created. We need to narrow the gap between assumptions and realities. Unfortunately most autism training and research has never been fact checked by Autistic people.  

Autistic people have been excluded from the discussion around autism for decades.  In other words, many autism training courses explain very little about Autistic people beyond out-dated and stereotypical representations. AUsome Training is fully Autistic!  “The best training ever. Very real, clear & informative. It completely opened my mind” Jean Power, Play Therapist 

AUsome Autism Training takes training in a new direction 

As a result of this exclusion there are many gaps in understanding autism and many myths and inaccurate ideas about us. First and foremost our training puts Autistic people at the very centre of our design and delivery. We focus on educating from the Autistic viewpoint. Secondly, our autism training sessions incorporate the latest thinking from the Autistic Community. Our information is carefully crafted in line with this thinking. Thirdly, we use up-to-date research to support these concepts.

AUsome autism training is Autistic-led

Therefore our Autistic-led training provides a platform for Autistic presenters,  advocates and professionals to educate both the Autistic Community and non-autistic people. AUsome Autism Training focuses on the realities of being Autistic and the beauty in our existence. Our autism training works to change how the world responds to and understands Autistic people.  

It’s our mission at AUsome Training to create a world where Autistics can flourish and live longer. Our dream is to create a genuinely inclusive environment for Autistics young and old. We do this by presenting a positive identity for Autistic people. We have many AUsome autism training options for you to explore. If you’d like us to tailor a training session for your staff or organisation then we can consult with you to design an AUsome experience. This is ideal for those who want to be the leaders in the diversity and inclusion.

Most importantly,, our priority is to empower people who want to learn about autism. Whether you are a parent, educator, therapist, practitioner, social worker, HR manager, employer, carer or Autistic person AUsome Training has something to support you. 

Geek Club Books nonprofit is committed to creating a world where autistic individuals are fully accepted, valued and have a voice. Our priority is bringing autistic individuals creative and leadership opportunities that are meaningful, empowering and support their advocacy. We strive to produce pop culture-based autism awareness education that is innovative, engaging, positive and opens hearts and minds to a new way of thinking about autism.

We pledge to do everything we can to help autistic voices rise to the top. We respect their opinions and prioritize their recommendations based on their own life experiences. There will always be a place for parental and professional guidance and perspectives but never again will they outshine those who are autistic.



  1. Chinelo Egwumba

    Being an Autism support instructor for years have never been so real. I am at this point where the discovery that being autistic is not harmful as we think. The neurotypical society does not really understand this difference especially from the parents point of view(that is, affected families). They worry because its not something they are used to; quite frankly at the first point of meeting with them during assessments, you can see bleakness and shock of mixed feelings on them(I do cry with them in some cases).

    But, in the light of the ‘Autism-explained’ summit we will understand what all of these mean and how we can include children and persons with neurological differences in our communities. Acceptance in most countries like mine is still budding, but sure, we will get there! I am so happy to be a part of a school where my teachers are autists…it feels really good. Well-done to you B and all of your team, especially Paul who thought of bringing you guys together and delivering this to us. Cheers to a bright future for all Autists!!!

    • Bernard Grant

      Thank you, Chinelo! Our lives would be easier if society stopped pathologizing autism.


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